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At Royal Talent Interiors, we take pride in delivering our work performed by top interior consultants, designers, and contractors in Dubai. Whether you’re on the look out to setup governmental, retails, restaurants, offices, homes; you name it, we make it!

ROYAL TALENT INTERIOR DEC. CO L.L.C. is established to be a leading Interior Architectural fit-out specialist in the Middle East. Located in the skyscraper metropolis of Dubai, ROYALTIC’s mission is to add to the community by providing the best possible interior quality environment known up-to-date. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a professionally managed company […]
Our Team
At ROYALTIC, we believe that Human Resources is our most valuable asset. We strive to hand-pick talented professionals with strong qualifications and extensive experience in the areas of customer service, engineering and procurements. Our teams’ experience and skills have shaped and influenced many landmarks throughout the United Arab Emirates. We bring multinational individuals together in our […]
Our Clients
ROYALTIC is a 100% CLIENT ORIENTED company with a core values to serve and support clients and meet all their needs. We take special care to emply only the most talented and professional employees who can meet these goals. Our staff professionalism and experience extend from providing creative services to an astounding number of clients in the following […]
Turnkey Projects
Royaltic delivers a high-end comprehensive design and implementation for MAWAD hardware store. We are especially proud to have gained a strong reputation as being a reliable partner and consultant in the interior design field. Our prominent client, MAWAD, has relied on Royaltic to help with the startup process. Our services covered the most basic need […]
  • Corporate Offices 85%
  • Apartment Homes 55%
  • Production Facility 76%
  • Others 92%


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